February 14, 2009
For those of you who failed to heed the warning signs whispered on the winds of change… my Omnibus has finally spread like the West Nile Virus to the Amazon (dot com, that is). So come one, come all to this torrid affair. Don your bifocals and let down your hair. The moment’s at hand; the release has drawn nigh. The web has unveiled my “Omnibus Prime.” Of laughter and fear and a decade of tears. Abandon all hope ye who enter here…



November 7, 2008
Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Your adventure is about to begin as the great and powerful Omnibus Prime has nearly risen from the Pumpkin Patch to bring tidings of great joy and celebration, turmoil and vindication. Shhhhhhhh... listen close, you can almost hear the words whispered on the wind; blowing through tortured trees anew. A return to the beginning; the written word prevails as my life and times speak louder on paper than on tongues. A decade's worth of debauchery there for your amusement; to read and be read, to love and be loved! Some roads we've already taken, some you've yet to strap in for! Expect to saturate the internet marketplace of carpal-tunnel consumers by mid-month. But impatience be damned... drop me a line and tell me you can't wait or pay full price and I'll get you an advance copy post-haste! Love and Light; Flee or Fight!

October 27
, 2008
'OMNIBUS PRIME' is coming soon...

December 12, 2005
Hello again you hyper-festive malfeasants and malcontents. Papa Cringle brings you tidings of great joy and greater accomplishment for the young at heart and lungs. 2005 has proven to be the most difficult of years… Jobless, Homeless, Careless… as I have lost more friends than I have made and shed more tears than pounds. But lawsuits and sweat-suits be damned! Today we celebrate the impending and imploding 2006. And for those of you unaware, a new advocate dedicated to the vindication of the victimized has reached warp speed! Corporate ties be damned. The Daly Financial Group is coming to an internet cafe near you to wash your debts away in ink and rubbing alcohol. For DFG has strapped on white gloves and climbed into the ring of flammable plastic promises to level the playing field for the consumers and tumors. Credit Card and collection companies beware! DFG is everywhere! Check out:


and dream with the fishes in salt water wishes. To protect and serve the greater good of dystopian society this holiday season, Daly Financial speaks softly and carries and armored tank division so you don’t have to! Happy Holidays!

April 19, 2005
Greetings and salutations termites and audiophytes. 'Tis been awhile but have no fear. No rest for the wicked here. 2005 is fast becoming the most interesting of years... Won a lawsuit, bought a new suit. Divided my time between this site and the next. Launched a new company dedicated to the vindication of the victimized. Corporate ties be damned. But for those about to rock, remain still and I salute you. Utopia has turned on it's ear and moonboots will rise again. So eat your food!!!

February 5, 2005
Belly rubs and head rushes. GPS systems to navigate the back alleys of yesteryear. Satellite's beaming new thoughts and new music into a surround sound system near you. Transmissions of angst and anquish through Ernie Balls and Diet Cokes. And we've recorded a few new heartbreaks along the way. 7 muses cry for instruction and ask for the answer to their burning questions. Well, lovers and fighters rejoice for it all will be released on DVD in the end. Update your queue...

November 14, 2004
A fork in the road and one fine fellow. One greener pasture and one bathed in yellow. A trigger cocked and pointed gun. A hint dropped, anointed one. Momentum stops and starts anew. A decision breathed to life on steely spine and vintage wine. Choose the path of most resistance! The road bends to a river break but I plod forth knee deep in murky waters of uncertainty. And plant my feet on the rocks of hope and faith alive. Swim and crawl to shore. As the road curves back to grace me with soggy feet and steady beat. I turn to wave goodbye to rivers past, but alas, there's no water... only the road I started on! T'was my path all along!

October 27, 2004
wishing on a star... aglow with inner beauty, vanquishing me to placid plains of longing. your sky blue silhouette against my crumbling brick wall, your tender eyes and mercy cries that haunt my every fall. dream with the birds in flight and float on melancholy clouds of wanton tomorrows. persistance and resistance; the fates play both sides in act 2. to kiss the sunshine, to drink of the vine, the taste divine, i blush and quiver and dine on empty glass plates ...waiting ...wishing!

October 9, 2004
From a lofty vantage point of false starts and sweet tarts, the soul shimy-shakes and quivers and quakes for something new, something real, something to say, something to feel. The darkness thick has grown weary of holding back the sun from cinder skies and teary eyes. A change is on the horizon, piercing the bleeding daybreak. Where charcoal embers are blowing away in the breeze and the fire seeks to start anew. So saddle up your white horse of hope, an avenger rides out to save the sleepwalkers from themselves. Sleep tight my children and count your blessings, for every thought you bless shall multiply and divide.

June 25, 2004
Humidity thickens the already heavy air and almost becomes visible on this late June evening. The overcast summer skies dim the remaining shards of sunlight still struggling to pierce the earth. A thunderclap rolls and echoes far off in the distance, signalling the coming of a storm.

The lights go out.

The phone rings.

Terrified and shaking, a hand grips the receiver and slowly meets the ear.

"...7 Days..."

May 3, 2004
I've been bombarded lately by the hail of falling "No U-Turn" signs and dripping-wet reality checks. Everywhere I turn, I see a full-length mirror staring back at me, but slightly off-center so I don't only see me but also over my shoulder at what lies behind. What are we if not the choices we make? Are we not defined by our actions? We live by the sword, we die by the sword.

But i was doing some thinking about this and i started to question what was seemingly obvious and contradictory. If Michaelangelo never sculpted David, would he be any less great a sculptor? And am i no longer an artist if i work the corporate 9 to 5? Am i no longer a musician if no one ever hears my music? A year ago, i might've said so. But i don't think that's right anymore. An artist shall forever be one, no matter what canvas he colors. You can take the boy out of the fairytale, but you can't take the fairytale away from the boy!

What is the point of this seemingly random rambling? The point is that the soul of the artist is the soul of a searcher. The logical, left-brained person needs to know what he is looking for... needs to know that there's an answer at the end of the rainbow before he ventures out looking for gold. But maybe that's exactly where I've failed all this time. Maybe the search IS the answer? I may don the attire of DKNY suits and CK ties, that is not who i am. At 5:01pm every night, silver hoops return to my earlobes.

Maybe my mistake was believing that the answer would fulfill me. But maybe, just maybe, the search is what separates the dream from the dreamer, the seaguls from the sea. Maybe accepting being lost, makes one found! I cannot be solely defined by my actions. I am more than the sum of my parts. I shall not bow down to the lowest-common-denominator. I am forever an artist. And whatever path I choose to take, I paint my own road signs...

April 9, 2004
A toast to love, a toast to life! A tribute unleashed upon the world, dedicated to the searchers who spit in the face of the sleepwalkers and watchers. The seekers of a better life, a better way, a better place, a better day have brought forth a new collection of sounds and samples, from me to you... audio files to audiophytes, to be played over and over again to your Dairy Queen's delight from daybreak to midnight. A moment so frozen, a sunset so golden. Each noun is a pledge, each verb is a promise. So embrace a new song as the days grow long. The minute-hands have lept forward an hour, reaching for laughter, shunning their sorrow, a parade of emotions in search of tomorrow!

March 19, 2004
Greetings and salutations! I bring you tidings of great joy and celebration. Today is big day in the Daly Hall of Heroes. P-Daddy has made it to the big half-century mark. Embarking on his final spring break tour of duty, Hellboy's on the home stretch to becoming an Iowa alumn. And yours truly has completed production of my latest musical composition, "In Search of Tomorrow." Expected to saturate the internet marketplace of carpal-tunnel consumers by mid-April. I'll be posting songs and artwork by the end of the week, but impatience be damned... drop me a line and tell me you can't wait and I'll get you an advance copy post-haste! Love and Light.

February 26, 2004
Come one, come all to dance in this wonderful rain that falls from February clouds. Why does L.A. hate the water? Rain cleanses, rain washes, rain is rebirth. It's no surprise it doesn't rain in L.A. until the beginning of a new year! Brings me back to a time when we rode our bikes thru the puddles to see who could make the biggest splash. Or when the lifeguards made us all get out of the pool for fear of lightning. And is there anything more romantic than that first childhood kiss in the rain; a moment millions of photographs have attempted to recapture, but none have faithfully emoted. Rain is the cycle of life as the oceans drip from the sky, only to return again and again. I love rain in L.A.

I just hate the drivers....

St. Valentine’s Day
and so it shall be as it was in the beginning
souls at war for your heart with no side winning
when out of the shadows steps a soldier of truth
with shaggy blonde hair, he begins to get loose
a princess, he calls you and draws forth his blade
and stares down would-be suitors to cower in shame
a changed man i am, no one you knew before
i'll win your heart fairly, all honor and loyalty be yours
and six years later & together, hand in hand as we sit
the last remaining pieces of jigsaw, yet together we fit
so i offer you this token of silver divine
unblemished by others, tis yours to inscribe
this year shall be the grandest, the purest, the one
scribble what you will on the horizon
the best is yet to come

February 9, 2004
Shot the cover of the album this weekend. Train-tracks and flannel slacks. Cross-processed. Distressed. Kodachrome images blurring into obscurity. Vanity demands conformity. We of the generation raised by auto-focus, auto-zoom and automatic transmissions. They say that a word is worth one one-thousandth of a picture. If that's the case, I make my case for the shortest album title in Rock and Roll history. I'll call it...

February 1, 2004
Hello again lovers and fighters. The Neil Daly web-site is back and forth again. Shhhhhhhh... listen close, you can almost hear new music coming on the horizon! 2004 is going to be a big year! Almost too big... more songs to sing to... more poems to dream to... as a mid-summer Manhattan maylay melts two lives into one! So skip your "Spiderman 2" plans and bring your own fireworks! Love waits for no one! Check out the site early and often as new words litter and glitter the landscape and plant white flowers of hope every Sunday at bed-time! Sleep well and weep well and dream a little dream. See you soon, kiddies! Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

January 27, 2004
Today's the day I return to my unabashed inner banter... or is it turmoil..? I can never tell the difference. All I know is that I am more comfortable in my head than in leather chairs. Returning to journaling and letting my thought processes play both ways in the open fields of internet end-zones! Worry Warts be wary! Life is quite contrary to the punching of time-clocks and secondary employer e-mail addresses. I venture forth to spin and drift amongst the shirt-and-tie armies but wearing black Nike socks, they can't take my soul... It's been promised to another.